The company has designed an advanced packaging by using sustainably-sourced materials, which are not easy to be imitated

Ventiv's full portfolio of sustainable child-resistant packaging

Ventiv's full portfolio of sustainable child-resistant packaging. (Credit: PRNewswire / Ventiv Design)

Ventiv Design has introduced a new sustainable and anti-counterfeit packaging line to better meet the requirements of the nascent cannabis industry.

The company has pledged to combat counterfeit THC products, as well as focus on minimising the environmentally unsustainable packaging that is more extensive in an industry pervaded with excess plastic, decayed counterfeits and non-recyclable packaging.

Ventiv Design has developed an advanced packaging by using sustainably-sourced materials, which are not easy to be imitated.

The company also offers a sustainably-sourced Slider Box, which is produced using hemp paper. It is suitable for vapes and pre-rolls.

Ventiv Design also offers Pinch Pump that is suitable for topical lotions. It is manufactured using post-consumer recycled plastic.

The company selects the materials, including glass, plastic, paper, and tin, that are easily recycled by single-stream recycling utilities. The hemp and moulded sugarcane are suitable for composting.

Ventiv focuses on minimising carbon footprint and lifecycle costs with sustainable products

Ventiv stated that its products can be diverted from landfills, helping to minimise carbon footprint and lifecycle costs.

Ventiv Design delivers suitable solutions for eco-conscious cannabis companies to better meet their brand requirements and minimise the impact on the environment.

According to the company, the marijuana industry has been struggling with counterfeit products, which mimic major products such as Kingpen, Brass Knuckles, and Heavy Hitters.

Counterfeit marijuana vapes will also be added with vitamin E and propylene glycol to thicken and dilute THC, which were associated with more than 500 confirmed or probable-cause lung injuries.

Ventiv has implemented a two-fold anti-piracy strategy, of which first is the use of patent-pending portfolio of child-resistant packaging.

Secondly, the company focuses on efficient material selection such as hemp, sugarcane, and 100% recycled plastics to further restrict counterfeiters from copying.

In February this year, ReStalk announced the completion of its first production run of a closed-loop packaging solution made from cannabis waste.