The sustainable NANUK-R Collection, which combines innovation with environmental responsibility, is said to contain 80% post-consumer recycled resin to offer more durability, reliability, and functionality

NANUK-R Series Cases

A product shot of NANUK-R series cases. (Credit: PR Newswire/ NANUK)

Canada-based protective cases maker NANUK has unveiled its NANUK-R Collection, a new range of eco-friendly protective cases.

The sustainable NANUK-R Collection is said to contain 80% post-consumer recycled resin.

According to NANUK, the range offers durability, reliability, and functionality by combining innovation with environmental responsibility.

For increased security, the collection includes an integrated ergonomic soft grip handle, an automated pressure release valve, and a special locking and latching mechanism.

This makes cases more reliable and an ideal option for securing and carrying around personal and professional items.

The company said that the product is suitable for batteries, lenses, cameras, microphone systems, small handguns, medical equipment, first aid kits, emergency supplies, and sensitive instruments.

NANUK president and CEO José Chagnon said: “Our commitment to sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility; it’s a moral imperative.

“This high-quality product range is a testament to our company’s dedication to reducing waste and fostering a more responsible approach to equipment protection.”

The Canadian firm intends to address the environmental problems through the NANUK-R Collection’s design.

The range uses engineered post-consumer recycled materials, which lowers the demand for virgin resin and is said to have a tangible effect on environmental pollution.

Additionally, the NANUK-R Collection comes with a lifetime warranty that extends the life of the item.

NANUK is also the first company to offer high-end hardcases made of post-consumer recycled resin.

The latest line is expected to reduce the pressure on our planet’s resources and support the circular economy by lowering the need for virgin resins.

The company’s portfolio includes a line of NANUK waterproof cases for global professionals.