The expansion will help Gerresheimer to better support the increasing development projects for pharmaceutical and medical technology products


Gerresheimer announced the expansion of production area for small batch production of plastics in Wackersdorf. (Credit: Gerresheimer AG)

Gerresheimer Regensburg announced that it is expanding the production area for small batch production of plastics in Wackersdorf, Bavaria, Germany.

To support the expansion, the company has already converted existing production area into clean room space and constructed a new building with additional clean room and office space.

Gerresheimer has planned the expansion of production capacity in small batch production, as a result of increasing development projects for pharmaceutical and medical technology products.

Benefits of expanded capabilities

Gerresheimer is enhancing the capacity of its small batch production in Wackersdorf’s technical competence centre (TCC) to support increasing number of projects that need smaller numbers of units.

The expanded capabilities will also help provide a smaller number of complete products required prior to large batch production for development, approval, and industrialisation.

In 2018, the company already invested a double-digit sum in the millions to expand small batch production in Wackersdorf.

At that time, 900m² of the additional area was built for the development and industrialisation of glass products such as syringes and carpules.

Gerresheimer is again investing a double-digit sum to increase the capacity of small batch production in the plastics segment to support the growing number of projects.

The expansion allows companies to produce patch pumps for administering medication, drug containers for injection without needles, point-of-care tests, infusion sets for X-ray contrast agents, syringes.

To meet the requirements, Gerresheimer converted existing production area into 500m² clean room space and an extension building is being developed to provide additional clean room area. Gerresheimer’s expansion also includes the development of additional 245m² of office space.

Currently, small batch production include a total of 1,800m² of production area for the plastics segment in the ISO classes 7 and 8, as well as rooms of the GMP classes C and D for pharmaceutical glass production.

Upon completion of the conversion, more than double the clean room area of ISO classes 7 and 8 are available for plastic production with 2,200m². At present, the total production area of small batch production is 2,900m².

In July this year, Gerresheimer secured an order from an unknown customer to manufacture plastic containers that will be used to fill the active ingredient dexamethasone.