Germany-based Siegwerk has bundled all its circular coating solutions under the new Cirkit portfolio to continue developing functional coatings for circular packaging


Siegwerk introduces new Cirkit product portfolio. (Credit: Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA)

Siegwerk, a provider of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications, has launched a new Cirkit product portfolio to strengthen its coatings portfolio.

Under the new Cirkit portfolio, Siegwerk has bundled all its circular coating solutions to continue developing functional coatings for circular packaging.

Germany-based Siegwerk currently provides a range of functional coatings and continually innovates to create customised solutions that align with both current and forthcoming European regulations.

The latest move aligns with Siegwerk’s goal of a circular future for packaging.

Introducing a uniform naming concept for Siegwerk’s growing portfolio of functional coatings is expected to improve recognition and transparency for stakeholders across the entire value chain.

The printing inks and coatings provider said that functional coatings can help to replace extra material layers and reduce packaging complexity.

It can also be used to equip renewable materials like paper with functional properties, allowing their use for a wider range of packaging applications.

Siegwerk CE Coatings Business Unit head Gilles Le Moigne said: “Especially in light of the increasing importance of sustainability, functional coatings offer a high potential for the future of packaging.

“As they provide specific functional properties that are crucial for the performance and durability of packaging, they play a key role in realising packaging solutions in the sense of a circular economy.”

Siegwerk’s functional coatings portfolio now includes various water-based and solvent-based technologies tailored for diverse applications, substrates, coating methods, and performance requirements.

The CIRKIT product portfolio has Cirkit Oxybar, a specialised oxygen barrier coating ensuring prolonged shelf life, especially for dry food packaging.

Additionally, it includes Cirkit Greasebar, a barrier coating resistant to oil and grease, and Cirkit Uvbar, offering protection against UV light.

Another solution, Cirkit Clearprime, facilitates the smooth deinking of challenging surface printed structures and laminates.

Siegwerk believes that achieving packaging circularity requires collaboration throughout the packaging value chain.

Presently, the company has several development ventures across the supply chain.

These initiatives have yielded enhanced packaging solutions with improved performance and recyclability. One notable collaboration is with Henkel, where the German firm co-created an oxygen barrier coating.

Last month, Siegwerk partnered with Borouge to develop fully recyclable mono-material packaging solutions.