Danika identified direct link between her mental health and the condition of her skin in the process of formulating the products


Exentrique partners with Essentra Packaging to launch inclusive skincare brand. (Credit: Essentra plc.)

Exentrique is an inclusive skincare brand that’s mission is to improve mental health and body image by addressing socially constructed beauty standards. The company was launched in July/August 2020, with a range of three products – a Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser, which are all hypoallergenic, genderless, cruelty-free/vegan and nut-free formulated.

According to company owner Danika Woods, the business started because she couldn’t find skincare that worked well for her skin and ticked all the boxes. In the process of formulating these products, Danika identified a personal direct link between her mental health and the condition of her skin.

This led Danika to the realisation of the need for a brand that champions inclusive representation in the beauty industry; a brand that highlights unrealistic beauty standards whilst positively contributing to the mental health of its consumers.

Working in partnership with Essentra Packaging

Danika’s main factor while looking for suppliers was to partner with a company that shared and understood Exentrique’s vision. Essentra Packaging was recommended by the manufacturers of Exentrique’s products, and it was clear to Danika from the first meeting with Lee Guthrie, Essentra Packaging Regional Sales Manager, that he understood the Exentrique brand vision and its values.

Lee introduced Danika to the Essentra Packaging Design Hub team who showed a genuine interest and excitement to collaborate on building the Exentrique brand and its packaging requirements. Through real entrepreneurial spirit during meetings, regular updates and reviews on the progress from the Essentra team, it was a perfect environment to explore various brand concepts and perspectives. The final Exentrique branding concept delivered above and beyond Danika’s brief, thanks to the partnership between two companies that formed while working together.

‘’I can honestly say that I am already looking forward to future developments with the Essentra Packaging team, and growing together. You couldn’t put a price on what I have gained from working with the Essentra Packaging and Design Hub teams.
They have made my start-up process a real pleasure.’’

Danika Woods, Exentrique Founder

Source: Company Press Release