The new recyclable thermal shipper, which is qualified for summer and winter, holds the potential to maintain between 2°C and 8°C for 72 hours


PTG offers thermal shipping and packaging solutions for biopharmaceutical and life sciences sector. (Credit: MasterTux from Pixabay)

Packaging Technology Group (PTG) has introduced a new extended-duration and curbside recyclable thermal shipper for the cold chain industry.

As part of the TRUEtemp Naturals line, the new recyclable thermal shipper holds the potential to maintain between 2°C and 8°C for 72 hours.

Designed to be effective across the year, the new TRUEtemp Naturals thermal shipper is qualified for summer and winter.

PTG marketing director Kelly Cinelli said: “We launched our first curbside recyclable shipper three years ago, and we are thrilled to be known as the leading sustainability solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry.

“The only available sustainable shippers on the market currently are 48 hours; this 72-hour shipper is a credit to our engineering team.”

PTG has designed the new thermal shipper as a cost-effective alternative to VIP and PUR shippers, which are not produced using sustainable materials and subject to supply chain challenges.

PTG stated that its curbside recyclable and repulpable products used by several top-tier pharmaceutical companies provide an 80% decrease in overall environmental impact compared against standard EPS shipper.

The company’s team continues to launch new TRUEtemp Naturals products at various temperature ranges and durations.

PTG operations director Lynn Plante said: “Our new 73,000 square foot facility in Fort Worth added to our depth; PTG’s redundant manufacturing capabilities substantially increase our capacity for producing innovative products.

“We have been able to triple our production capabilities with our additional locations and continue to develop manufacturing processes to assist clients with supply chain challenges and corporate sustainability goals.”

In June 2020, PTG announced the expansion of its US business operation with the opening of a new location in Louisville of Kentucky.

Established in 2005, PTG is engaged in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of sustainable, thermal shipping, and packaging solutions for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sector.