The newly constructed facility will primarily involve in the production of sustainable thermal materials


Packaging Technology Group has opened new facility in Louisville. (Credit: Packaging Technology Group, Inc.)

Packaging Technology Group (PTG) has expanded its US business operation with the opening of a new location in Louisville of Kentucky.

The newly developed facility will allow the company to increase its product offerings, as well as further expand TRUEtemp Naturals cellulose product line of 100% curbside recyclable and repulpable solutions.

The 42,000ft² facility will mainly focus on the production of sustainable thermal materials for the company.

Recently, the company has secured two contracts from two of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies to provide its thermal packaging solutions for the protection of life-saving medications.

The company has recently appointed Kyle Staggers as plant manager for PTG Kentucky to manage a team of production and operations specialists.

PTG offers temperature-sensitive thermal shipping systems for multiple pharmaceutical and biologics companies

PTG also provides both custom and off-the-shelf shippers, in addition to the temperature-sensitive thermal shipping systems for multiple pharmaceutical and biologics companies.

The company’s thermo-efficient TRUEtemp Naturals cellulose shippers are produced using curbside recyclable insulating fibre, which features layers that provide protection against impact and temperature fluctuation.

PTG also supplies a range of reusable solutions, including quality polyurethane (PUR) and vacuum insulated panels (VIP).

PTG CEO Bill Blezard said:  “Many pharmaceutical companies that are targeting carbon neutrality are embracing greener manufacturing methods to reduce carbon footprints.  Our goal is to be the sustainable thermal shipping partner, regardless of how complex our client’s needs are.

“Since 2018, we have saved over 450,000pounds of EPS from landfills, and we expect this number to double over the next year.”

In April, PTG expanded its TRUEtemp Naturals cellulose products with the introduction of a new dual temperature thermal packaging solution.