The company will roll out five sulphate-free bio:renew collections with packaging made from Eastman Renew resins this month


Herbal Essences bio:renew sulfate-free collections. (Credit: Eastman Chemical Company.)

Herbal Essences, a Procter & Gamble brand of hair care products, has selected Eastman Renew molecular-recycled plastic for packaging its products.

Starting this month, the company will roll out five bio:renew sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner collections with packaging made from Eastman Renew resins.

Two new collections will be commercialised in January next year, with standardised How2Recycle labels for clear recycling instructions.

Eastman Renew molecular-recycled plastic, which comprises 50% certified recycled plastic, is said to reduce the use of virgin plastic from non-renewable resources.

Herbal Essences principal scientist Rachel Zipperian said: “It’s on all of us to make a difference and create a more sustainable future where plastics are truly recycled, reused and out of nature.

“Making this package change to Eastman Renew materials reduces the brand’s dependence on virgin plastic and helps us bring the world one step closer to making plastic a circular resource.

“By including the standard How2Recycle label, Herbal Essences is encouraging people to recycle their empty bottles.”

Established in 1920, Eastman is a speciality materials company engaged in producing a wide range of products for everyday use.

The company leverages molecular recycling technologies for producing its Renew materials, which use waste plastic that, without this technology, would end up in landfills.

The advanced recycling technologies will complement traditional recycling and expand the types and amounts of plastics that can be recycled, said the company.

Earlier this year, Eastman and P&G partnered to advance the recycling of materials, endorse recycling and prevent plastic wastage.

Eastman plastics and circular solutions sustainability director Chris Layton said: “We are excited to see our partnership with Procter & Gamble reach consumers’ hands with the launch of these Herbal Essences packages.

“We are delivering solutions to the plastic waste problem right now and look forward to the continued collaboration with P&G as a leading partner.”