The new pallet boxes, pallet bands, and PPE strapping kits have been added to Kite’s pallet and load stability range


Kite Packaging has expanded pallet and load stability range. (Credit: Kite Packaging Ltd)

UK-based Kite Packaging has expanded its pallet and load stability range with the addition of a range of solutions to better support warehouse and logistic operations.

The company has introduced new pallet boxes, pallet bands, and PPE strapping kits, which will help companies to stabilise loads.

Kite’s pallet box without a pallet is a suitable solution for customers who already have pallets and need the tray, cap and sleeve pallet box.

The new large pallet box can either be used as a large box for storage or placed on top of an existing pallet.

The new pallet box can be used with Kite’s individual corrugated pallet runners

It can also be used with the company’s individual corrugated pallet runners, which can be connected to the bottom.

Kite has also expanded its Sanstrap pallet bands, which are produced from 100% recyclable 40μ polyethylene (PE) film. The products help to keep products secure while in transit or storage.

Upon the placement, the polythene Sanstrap bands will quickly grip and hold everything firmly on a pallet.

Kite has also expanded strapping kits, which can be used in a range of applications. The strapping kits are available in different options, including polypropylene, corded, polyester and steel strapping.

The polypropylene strapping kit range is comprised of a strapping kit with a combination tool, which performs both the tensioning and sealing.

In March this year, Kite Packaging expanded its range of air cushion systems, which can be used instead of bubble wrap and other protective void fill solutions.

The new machines, which use 100% recyclable film, produce protective air cushions that inflate a wide range of filler and wrapper cushion with air on demand.