Genome is using CSafe Global’s AX56L active mobile refrigeration unit for the safe transport of COVID-19 test kits


The CSafe’s AX56L mobile refrigeration unit. (Credit: CSafe)

US-based temperature-controlled container solutions provider CSafe Global is working with Genome, a high complexity, genetic testing lab based in South Florida, to ensure safe transport of COVID-19 test kits to the lab for analysis.

CSafe said it is providing Genome with AX56L active mobile refrigeration unit to enable safe transport of test samples every day.

In a press statement, CSafe said: “Using these small active systems, Genome safely transports samples every day and is able to quickly analyze them and provide highly accurate results to patients allowing them to either self-quarantine, eliminate a cause for their symptoms, or rest assured they are not spreading the virus.”

CSafe’s AX56L refrigeration unit is designed to fit it into SUV for easy transport

The CSafe’s AX56L mobile refrigeration unit is built for emergency services and field medical applications. It allows users to fit it into the back of SUV for easy transport.

Additionally, the unit is lined with VIP insulation to eliminate the use of ice or additional coolants to maximise the 56L payload space.

CSafe said that the AX56L unit offers a broad operating range (-20°C to +49°C / -4°F to +120°F) using forced air convection, a safety alarm for temperature deviations, and a 48-hour payload temperature duration on internal batteries.

In April 2020, CSafe Global said it is providing passive Parcel solution to Kimera Labs, a US-based biotechnology company, to help meet the latter’s increasing demand for its products.

Kimera Labs uses CSafe’s passive Parcel containers to ship their products across the world, to further ongoing medical research.