Kimera Labs will use CSafe Global’s passive Parcel containers to ship their products to further ongoing medical research


CSafe Global’s passive Parcel solution. (Credit: CSafe)

CSafe Global, a manufacturer of temperature-controlled container solutions, is providing passive Parcel solution to Kimera Labs, a US-based biotechnology company, to help meet the latter’s increasing demand for its products.

Kimera Labs will use CSafe Global’s passive Parcel containers to ship their products across the world, to further ongoing medical research.

The new containers will replace the short-duration temperature-controlled shippers used by the firm until recently for customers who were either close or overnight shipping was feasible.

Kimera Labs founder and CEO Duncan Ross said: “In the past several months, we’ve received orders for our products from locations where overnight delivery is simply not an option.

“The containers we had on hand were not able to maintain the needed temperature long enough to ensure product integrity upon delivery. We had to find a solution that would meet our standards for quality and accommodate long-term growth.”

CSafe solution to protect Kimera Labs’ products during longer transports

CSafe said that the shipping solution will protect Kimera Labs’ products during longer transports. The containers also allow Kimera Labs to ship products five days a week.

CSafe innovation, passive systems vice-president Emilio Frattaruolo said: “The superior VIP insulation in our Parcel solutions provides extended hold times for 120+ hour shipment durations.

“Combined with the fact that CSafe Parcels are qualified to ISTA 7D worst-case challenge testing, the team at Kimera Labs can rest assured that their products will arrive in optimal condition.”

Kimera Labs is engaged in producing mesenchymal stem cell-derived (MSC) exosome products for scientific and clinical research.

Last year, CSafe Global has opened a new service centre at the Memphis International Airport (MEM) in Tennessee, US to meet the increasing demand for its active containers.