The new squeezy HDPE bottle features Berry M&H’s Secure Flip closure for the safe and convenient dispensing of the gels


Berry M&H’s new hand sanitizer pack. (Credit: Berry Global Inc.)

Berry M&H has introduced a new hand sanitiser pack, which is said to be a vital product in the fight against the on-going Coronavirus.

Made available in 100ml size, the new squeezy HDPE bottle features Berry M&H’s Secure Flip closure and user-friendly designed Thumb Tab to enable intuitive one-handed opening.

Although designed for on the go sport drinks bottles, the sanitiser pack’s new closure is said to offer a perfect solution for the safe and convenient dispensing of the gels.

In order to ensure easy access, the new pack’s cap will open to a full and stable 180° while an audible click authorises if the cap is fully open or re-closed.

New hand sanitiser pack features an oval design

Berry M&H said that the bottle features an oval design to allow a comfortable handling and labelling area for individual branding.

Berry M&H technical manager Graham Lazzari said: “The whole project was made possible by the close collaboration between our factories.

“It ideally demonstrated the willingness to work together, sharing technical information and experience to ensure a swift and efficient process through design, tool manufacture and development.”

The company has commenced production of the bottle with a target capacity of around one million packs per month.

The firm, which utilised in-house design and tool room facilities to develop the new bottle, produced two sets of moulds in four weeks.

In June this year, Berry Global’s CPI division, Berry Bramlage announced the launch of a new line of premium jars for cosmetic and beauty products.

The new Infinity Quartz range is made with different materials, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, finishes and decoration options.