Berry Bramlage is offering the new Infinity Quartz jars in 50ml and 75ml sizes


Berry Bramlage has introduced new premium jars for cosmetic and beauty products. (Credit: Berry Global Inc)

Berry Bramlage, part of Berry Global’s CPI division, has introduced a new range of premium jars for cosmetic and beauty products.

The company is offering a new Infinity Quartz range with different materials, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, finishes, and decoration options to better meet various product characteristics and branding objectives.

Berry is providing the new Infinity Quartz jars in 50ml and 75ml sizes. The 50ml jar is provided with the company’s Natura Pack removable inner section, which enables consumers to hold the jar and replace the empty inner with a new full one that can be purchased separately.

The jar is produced in PET or PP based on the requirements of individual products. Both the PET and PP are provided with food contact certification, which makes them suitable for sensitive or natural ingredients.

Caps are manufactured with the same material used for the jars, and they feature the removable PP inner layer, enabling to easily separate for recycling.

Infinity Quartz jar is available in two special versions

The company is offering two special versions of the jar, of which the first one is produced using PCR PET and the second is manufactured using PP that integrated talc, helping to impart soft-touch finish to deliver an enhanced sensory experience for the consumer.

According to the company, the thick wall construction of the light weight jars enables to project a quality appearance on-shelf, while the inner section appears suspended within for a strong visual effect for the clear PET jars,

Berry Bramlage is manufacturing Infinity Quartz jars in different colours, as well as applying advanced decoration techniques such as hot stamping, silk-screen, pad and digital printing, lacquering, and labeling to fully personalise for individual products and brands.

Berry Bramlage strategic marketing manager Delphine Roux said: “At Berry, our commitment to sustainability informs the design and development of all our packaging solutions.

“These latest jars offer a strong sustainability profile while still delivering the enhanced consumer experience that is a vital part of beauty packaging.”

In April this year, Berry Bramlage revealed a range of new closure designs, which will meet the requirements of the new European Union (EU) single-use plastic legislation.