The new hybrid packaging solution features a patented smart valve technology, which helps deliver a precise dose at each use


Aptar Beauty + Home has launched new dispensing solution called Star Drop. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc.)

Aptar Beauty + Home, a business unit of AptarGroup, has introduced a next-generation dropper solution called Star Drop for ultra-fluid formulas.

Star Drop is a new hybrid packaging solution with a patented smart valve technology, which helps deliver a precise dose at each use.

The new dispensing solution, which can be squeezed with one hand, delivers the correct amount of product.

The patented SimpliSqueeze valve technology enables the dropper to close off the product flow as soon as one releases pressure on the barrel. Its instant retraction effect will help suck the formula back inside the pack.

Aptar’s advanced technology facilitates clean and controlled dispensing every time with no leakage, said the company.

The dropper also features a patented ultra-precise pipette applicator, which enables to view the product rise inside the tip to control and deliver the right amount of formula drop by drop.

According to the company, Star Drop’s ergonomics allow a high restitution rate of the formula and the packaging is recyclable.

Star Drop’s travel-friendly format allows it to use for any fluid and ultra-fluid textures, including foundation, primers, highlighters, serums, facial oils and beard oils.

Aptar Beauty + Home EMEA skincare and colour cosmetics marketing director Patrick Bousquel said: “Star Drop provides a satisfying, almost magical feeling of control as exact dosages are dispensed. The gesture is super simple for consumers but the level of precision is unparalleled.”

In July last year, Aptar Beauty + Home expanded its North American post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) based dispensing portfolio with the introduction of two new airless solutions called Micro ECO + Mezzo ECO, which incorporate up to 45% PCR in the combined components.