The hand sanitiser bag-in-box packaging is available in different sizes ranging from 1.5 litres to 20 litres


Smurfit Kappa has introduced bag-in-box packaging for hand sanitiser. (Credit: Smurfit Kappa)

Smurfit Kappa, a provider of corrugated and paper-based packaging solutions, has introduced bag-in-box packaging solution for hand sanitiser.

The company is offering the new easy-to-use and flexible hand sanitiser bag-in-box packaging in different sizes ranging from 1.5 litres to 20 litres.

The flexible bag-in-box packaging also serves as a refill solution

Smurfit’s bag-in-box packaging solution has been designed to be suitable for both end consumers, and as a refill solution.

The bag-in-box’s films feature a high oxygen barrier for the protection of products from air and light, enabling the physical and chemical properties of the hand sanitiser to remain intact.

According to the company, the new packaging allows to optimise the supply chain, and reduce weight and plastic compared to other traditional packaging.

The bag-in-box packaging features blue Vitop tap that is specifically designed for detergents, as well as a reinforced gland.

Smurfit is also testing the bag-in-box packaging to make it compatible with a range of hand sanitiser formulae.

Based on the formulae, the hand sanitisers will be provided in UN homologated packaging solutions.

Smurfit Kappa bag-in-box CEO Thierry Minaud said: “We are extremely proud to have gathered our expertise and means in such a short period of time to successfully answer today’s urgent need for hand sanitiser.”

“This demonstrates once again the strength and determination of our company to constantly improve its products and to identify new markets that could benefit from our packaging solutions and technology.”

Smurfit Kappa, which offers bag-in-box packaging solutions in Europe, is also involved in the development of packaging solutions for other non-food markets.

In May this year, Smurfit Kappa introduced new Vitop Blue tap for bag-in-vox cleaning products.