The new Knorr bouillon powder containers are developed using SABIC PP FLOWPACT FPC45 certified circular impact polypropylene (PP)

Unilever Knorr Greiner Packaging

SABIC has been collaborating with Unilever and Greiner Packaging in the development of an innovative new Knorr bouillon container. (Credit: SABIC)

Saudi Arabian chemical company SABIC has partnered with consumer goods company Unilever and Greiner Packaging to develop new Knorr bouillon powder containers.

The new solution is developed using SABIC PP FLOWPACT FPC45 certified circular impact polypropylene (PP) from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio.

SABIC’s certified circular polymer grade is said to be a phthalate-free product and compliant with various European food contact regulations.

These polymers use the post-consumer waste of difficult to recycle used plastic as feedstock.

The used plastic will be broken down and taken back to the molecular level by heating at a high temperature in an oxygen-free environment, producing pyrolysis oil.

The resulting polymer is certified under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) scheme in a standardised mass balance approach.

The new containers are also produced by Greiner Packaging with lids moulded in the same material and it supplies them along with folded cardboard sleeves.

The chemical company said that the containers have a space-saving, stackable design and their lids support sustainability while transportation and storage before filling.

SABIC Petrochemicals Performance Polymers and Industry solutions vice president Sergi Monros said: “With our TRUCIRCLE initiative and portfolio, we aim to bring commercially viable and more sustainable packaging solutions to the market and drive the transition of the plastics industry to a truly circular economy.

“Partnerships with major players across the value chain help address the technical and commercial challenges along this path and meet the increasing demands of end-users and consumers for environmentally conscious packaging with less waste and less resource depletion.”

The new Knorr bouillon powder packaging has the same appearance, functionality and safety as before and has high quality.

Once it is empty, consumers can remove the cardboard sleeve from the plastic tub before disposing and recycling the two components as usual.

Recently, DSM, SABIC, Cepsa, Fibrant and Viscofan have created a new meat packaging material from mixed post-consumer plastics.