PackIt, a US-based lunch boxes and totes producer, has introduced three new commercial totes for meal kit and grocery delivery companies.

PackIt Freezable Ultra Tote

Image: PackIt freezable ultra tote. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto / PackIt.

The new line of commercial totes comprise of freezable ultra tote, delivery tote and ready tote.

The new totes enable meal kit and grocery delivery companies to offer a sustainable and reusable solution for the customers.

PackIt founder Melissa Kieling said: “Currently, grocery and meal kit delivery companies are racing to capture market share in this explosive sector, but ALL face the same cold chain execution challenges.

“Their inability to keep perishables cold and at a food safe temperature during distribution is resulting in expensive and complex distribution work arounds, product shrinkage, and poor customer experience.”

Each tote is provided with PackIt’s patented Ecofreeze technology, which is a freezable gel built into the walls of the bag.

Designed for boxed delivery packaging, the new sturdy freezable ultra and delivery totes will have a cooling time between 12 hours and 24 hours.

The freezable ready tote cools, which are developed to replace soft-sided meal delivery totes, hold capacity to cool between 8 and 12 hours.

PackIt’s delivery totes will offer extended cooling duration to help firms implement cost saving efficiencies across final mile with longer pack-out times, more efficient delivery routes extended delivery windows and offer the option of unattended deliveries for better customer convenience

Kieling further said: “This new ability to keep food cold during the final mile becomes the solution to greatly reduce costs.  A retailer can finally deliver top quality AND make a profit.

“I’m thrilled that after a decade in the consumer products space, we are bringing our technology to this burgeoning commercial space.”

PackIt provides freezable products that facilitate to keep food and drinks cool anywhere. The collapsible and freezable bags function similar to a refrigerator on the go, allowing to continuously chilling items for hours.

Ecofreeze is the firm’s patented technology, which keeps items cool across the day without using ice packs.