The Cutlerease system offers customers a more convenient way to get compostable forks, knives or spoons


Eco-Products has launched a line of compostable utensils for use in Cutlerease dispenser (Credit: PRNewswire / Eco-Products)

Eco-Products, a Novolex brand and Certified B Corporation, has unveiled compostable knives, forks and spoons for the Cutlereas single-unit dispenser.

The compostable cutlery can be used with Cutlerease dispenser system, which dispenses one fork, knife or spoon at a time to customers.

The patented system will help improve cleanliness, reduce waste and save space, in addition to offering customers a convenient way to get compostable utensils.

Cutlerease’s compact footprint is claimed to save space compared with other brands and minimise refill frequency by holding up to 360 pieces of cutlery.


The Cutlerease system includes refill packs that make restocking easy

Cutlerease includes refill packs, which make restocking easy and do not require an employee to touch the cutlery.

With no trays or levers, the system further restricts the transfer of germs. The system can be easily adapted, enabling foodservice operators to mix and match utensils.

Earlier this year, Novolex another brand Waddington North America also launched the Cutlerease system for single-use utensils.

Eco-Products marketing director Sarah Martinez said: “Cutlerease’s innovative design dispenses clean, compostable cutlery one piece at a time, with the guest using the piece being the only one to touch the cutlery they are taking.

“This cuts waste, saves money and offers foodservice operators another environmentally responsible option for their guests.”

Eco-Products also provides a range of single-use foodservice products made from renewable and recycled resources, including plates, bowls, hot cups, cold cups, utensils, food containers and straws.

In April this year, Novolex brand Eco-Products introduced moulded fibre plates and containers under a new line known as Vanguard.

The new line has been designed to meet the upcoming requirements of the BPI for compostability certification, which will be effective from 1 January 2020.