The new metallizer lines will help MSFL add a thin layer of metal to the speciality films for enhanced barrier properties and superior packaging appearance


MaxVIL to install two metallizer lines for specialised films (Credit: Capri23auto from Pixabay.)

Max Ventures & Industries, through its subsidiary Max Speciality Films (MSFL), has announced INR600m ($8.12m) investment to install two metallizer lines.

The firm’s decision to install the new machines is aimed at meeting the increased demand for speciality packaging from the packaged food segment, to offer improved shelf life and offer 100% reliable laminate options.

Max Ventures & Industries is the holding company of India-based Max Group, which owns a 51% stake in MSFL, while Japanese major Toppan holds the remaining the 49% stake.

MaxVIL MD and CEO Sahil Vachani said: “The installation of the new metallizer lines is a part of our stated strategy of being the quality and innovation leaders in the industry. We have been focusing on increasing the speciality films component in our production-mix which results in better pricing power and improves margins.”

MSFL is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of BOPP films, across the fields of graphic art, labelling, flexible packaging for processed foods, confectionery, non-food fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and industrial goods.

The new metallizer lines will help the company add a thin layer of metal, primarily aluminium to the speciality films, to enhance the barrier properties and offer superior appearance to the packaging.

The investment decision is part of MSFL’s efforts to improve its speciality films offering and advance the creation of packaging films, after discussions with FMCG companies.

The company has invested INR300m to install the first metallizer line, which is expected to be commercialised by March 2021, and the second metallizer line is planned to begin operation in the third quarter of fiscal 2021.