BAB technology can be used in a range of applications, as it enables the users to mix non-compatible formulas before or at the time of use


Lindal has provided Bag-and-bag technology for Med Scrub’s wound cleaner. (Credit: LINDAL Group Holding GmbH)

Aerosol packaging technology company Lindal has provided its Bag-and-bag (BAB) technology for Med Scrub’s new antiseptic foaming wound cleaner.

HemaScrub cleanser, which is developed for professional and consumer use in the medical and veterinary markets, is a dual-action wash that blends two formulations at the point of dispensing to efficiently treat wounds.

The BAB technology has been selected for the cleaner to foam out dirt and grime using a dual-vortex dispensing system, which precisely and constantly blends the cleaner, while simultaneously dispensing two sprays and intensively cleaning the wound and removing debris.

Med Scrub director and medical developer Anthony Talamonti said: “From the moment we learned about LINDAL’s BAB technology we knew it was exactly what we were looking for in a spray can form delivery system due to its capabilities in keeping ingredients separate and stable before being dispensed.”

BAB technology is suitable for use in a range of applications, as it enables the users to mix non-compatible formulas before or at the time of use.

The technology along with compressed air allows dispensing the formulations at an ambient temperature. With 360° usability, the formula can also be dispensed in any direction from the can.

BAB is said to work on the same principles as the single bag solution Bag-on-valve technology (BOV).

Similar to BOV, BAB integrates compressed air, sealed packaging, continuous dispensing, and has a 96-98% evacuation rate and has evacuation rate between 96% and 98% based on product viscosity.

BAB features two product chambers inside the same can, and each can consists of incompatible formulations.

Lindal North America sales director Alex Piagnarelli said: “It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the journey with Med Scrub Inc. We are excited to see this unique new offering on the market where we believe it will be readily adopted.”

Last month, Lindal Group collaborated with technology company Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS) to develop a new continuous dispensing system known as miniMist.