The continuous dispensing system, miniMist, can be used in a range of market applications, including in personal care and home care


Lindal and APS have collaborated to develop miniMist continuous dispensing system. (Credit: LINDAL Group Holding GmbH)

Aerosol dispensing specialist Lindal Group has collaborated with technology company Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS) for the development of a new continuous dispensing system called miniMist.

The globally patented miniMist, which is a sustainable alternative to the existing aerosol format, is a reusable dispensing system designed to apply onto a screw-top container.

APS has designed the miniMist and Lindal will take responsibility for the industrialisation of the new continuous dispensing system.

The continuous dispensing system can be used in a range of market applications, including in personal care and home care. It can be used in both an upright and upside-down bottle position.

In addition, the bottle can be customised to be used for multiple different configurations, which can vary in shape, size and materials used.

Lindal stated that the miniMist can also be used for e-commerce channels and refill models, in addition to traditional applications.

Lindal North America sales director Alex Piagnarelli said: “We are very pleased to work on this project alongside APS. This provides another example of Lindal working closely with our supply partners to bring an innovative product to life.”

For using the product, the consumer has to twist the top of the dispenser that compresses a spring and preloads an internal chamber.

Later, the product is dispensed when the top button is depressed which helps to release the spring.

Once empty, the system can be refilled by unscrewing the dispenser and restoring the product in the container. The miniMist is suitable to use either as a one-time or refillable product.

APS chief innovation officer Brad Barron said: “We believe that miniMist’s sustainability benefits, improved user experience and simplified supply chain will transform the industry.”

In October last year, Lindal launched a new consumer-friendly 52mm Teo actuator for the personal care applications.

It is said to be ideal for both personal care and home care applications such as body sprays, air fresheners or fabric care products.