The new patent-pending ViewPoint thermochromic centrifuge tubes will progress from clear to blue when exposed to near-freezing temperatures


Image: Labcon’s new ViewPoint tubes for laboratories. Photo: courtesy of Labcon North America.

US-based laboratory disposables manufacturer Labcon North America has expanded its temperature sensing tube product portfolio with the introduction of new ViewPoint thermochromic centrifuge tubes for laboratories.

ViewPoint tube is a tool that can help track the real-time temperature of the samples when carrying out bench work or transferring samples to storage.

Labcon’s new patent-pending ViewPoint thermochromic centrifuge tubes for laboratories

ViewPoint centrifuge tubes, which are autoclavable with a standard 122°C plasticware process for 20 minutes, can be used for frozen storage to -80°C.

When exposed to cold temperatures, the new patent-pending tubes can progress from clear to blue. The tube’s reversible thermochromic transition enables researchers to maintain the required sample temperature across the experimentation.

The ViewPoint thermochromic tubes will provide real-time temperature signalling to show temperature excursions above and below 0-4º C.

The tubes are clear and transparent at temperatures more than 4°C, and they can reversibly progress to light blue and become slightly opaque at 4°C.

Labcon’s new tubes can achieve their full progressive transition to dark blue at 0°C. The tubes, which are completely opaque, will offer additional protection from ultraviolet (UV) light.

The company is providing ViewPoint tubes in 1.5mL, 15mL, and 50mL sizes. They are also available in different sustainable packaging options, including Labcon’s exclusive IntegraPack.

Labcon has used 100% medical-grade polypropylene resins to produce ViewPoint tubes. The tubes do not contain recycled plastics or commodity-grade resins.

Labcon product manager Bo Heinz said: “ViewPoint tubes can help labs avoid unknowns by making temperature excursions easily observable in real-time.”

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Labcon North America is a major producer of low carbon laboratory disposables. It is claimed to be one of the first companies to sell compostable plastics for laboratories.

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