The new Polyfoil MMB tubes are suitable for consumer items such as toothpaste and cosmetics, as well as pharma products in the dermatological or pain-relief segments


Neopac has introduced new mono-material barrier tubes in Europe. (Credit: Hoffmann Neopac AG)

Hoffmann Neopac has expanded its product portfolio in Europe with the introduction of new mono-material barrier tubes.

The new Polyfoil MMB is claimed to be the first tube solution in Europe to secure full RecyClass technology and product approval, as per the organisation’s “Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE Containers” standards.

Designed for oral care and pharmaceutical sectors, the new Polyfoil MMB tubes can be used for consumer items such as toothpaste and cosmetics and pharma products in the dermatological or pain-relief segments.

Polyfoil MMB tubes are integrated with a new novel mono-directional-oriented (MDO) barrier film technology to decrease the bodyweight by over 50% compared to the company’s conventional Polyfoil technology.

The tubes are also integrated with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps with low-melt index HDPE to secure full technology approval from RecyClass.

Neopac stated that Polyfoil MMB tubes are the first such solutions approved by RecyClass, which integrate a thin film metallisation option protected within the tube body structure for better chemical decoration stability.

This facet helps to offer improved water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) barrier and enhanced metallisation optics similar to aluminium barrier laminate (ABL) tubes that are currently not considered recyclable with HDPE recycling streams as per RecyClass criteria, said the company.

Polyfoil mono-material barrier tubes include tube bodies made of HDPE-based adhesive laminated barrier structures, which contain less than 5% of foreign materials to avoid disruptions in existing recycling processes.

The tubes offer better product compatibility and maintain premium product protection due to the application of advanced oriented and combined barrier technologies and pharma-grade contact layers.

In February this year, Hoffmann Neopac announced the launch of a new RecyCan portfolio, which includes recyclable products that are produced using consumer packaging steel separated from standard household recycling.