ProducePack cartons serve as an eco-friendly solution for brands and retailers in different fresh produce applications


BelleHarvest has launched its three apple varieties in ProducePack cartons. (Credit: Graphic Packaging International, LLC)

Paper-based packaging solutions provider Graphic Packaging International has introduced a new sustainable paperboard packaging range, dubbed ProducePack, for fresh produce applications.

ProducePack cartons, which are designed in line with the company’s Vision 2025, will serve as an eco-friendly solution for brands and retailers for use in different applications to protect, preserve and present fresh produce from field to store.

Featuring comfortable carrying handles, the ProducePack range is available in multiple different configurations and structures.

Graphic Packaging stated that the fully scalable ProducePack range has been developed to help brands and retailers across the globe to facilitate plastic reduction and replacement. The patented intelligent design allows easy stacking via reinforced corners.

Graphic Packaging omnichannel new product development senior manager Jackie D’Ambrosio said: “At Graphic Packaging, product innovation never stops. We’re committed to providing our customers with high-performing solutions that are relevant to the ever-evolving market and consumer needs.

“We’re delighted that our innovative ProducePack range is proving to be a viable commercial solution for our customers that can make a positive contribution to the environment.”

Michigan apple distributor BelleHarvest has launched its three apple varieties, including Fuji, Honeycrisp and Gala, in ProducePack cartons.

The packaging firm has developed three-pound paperboard cartons for BelleHarvest. The 100% recyclable packaging offers consumer-friendly features such as carry quick grab & go handles and advanced graphics that are believed to create impactful branding in the produce path.

BelleHarvest marketing director Angela Sommers said: “Our partnership with Graphic Packaging represents a natural shift towards respecting the environment, while ensuring our nutritious, flavorful apples are readily available and in the best possible condition.”

ProducePack carton range, which is currently available in the US and Europe, can be hand or machine-packed for small scale or mass production.

In December last year, Graphic Packaging launched a new sustainable and sturdy ships in own container (SIOC) packaging solution called IntegraFlute for e-commerce applications.