IntegraFlute is a durable hybrid packaging that combines a flexible inner bag with the structural protection of a fluted outer carton

Graphic Packaging International IntegraFlute

Graphic Packaging launches IntegraFlute. (Credit: PRNewsfoto/Graphic Packaging International.)

Graphic Packaging International has rolled out a new sustainable and sturdy ships in own container (SIOC) packaging solution IntegraFlute for e-commerce.

IntegraFlute is a durable hybrid packaging, which combines a flexible inner bag with the structural protection of a fluted outer carton.

The paper-based packaging solutions provider has designed the new offering to enhance consumer convenience, strengthen brand identity, simplify supply chains, and minimise packaging materials.

Graphic Packaging new product development director Chuck Tarlton said: “IntegraFlute is a true omnichannel solution. For the customer, it palletizes directly and can be conveyed and shipped without additional packaging.

“With reduced headspace, it’s sized to be sortable, meaning it can be processed through e-commerce fulfilment centres, which improves handling and delivery. Essentially, it increases efficiency and reduces everything else, cost, waste, materials, supply chain issues, for a streamlined experience.

“For consumers, the branded carton provides a seamless packaging solution from doorstep to pantry to recycle bin. The package arrives ready to use with easy-carry handles, simple dispensing features and is an ideal structure for efficient in-home storage.”

IntegraFlute supports branding and merchandising and can be recyclable

IntegraFlute offers enhanced opportunities for branding and merchandising with the option to litho, flexo or gravure print for the outer carton, and can be recyclable after household use.

Graphic Packaging said that its new solution is offered in e-commerce-ready sizes up to 20 lbs. and can be used for any category where products are sold in loose-fill bags.

The wide-ranging categories include pet products such as kibble, treats and litter; home and garden products including feeds, seeds, fertilizers, potting soil, pool chemicals, briquettes and wood pellets; and bulk food products like rice, beans and flour.

Products packaged with the new IntegraFlute packaging solution are currently available through e-commerce giant Amazon, said the company.

Graphic Packaging is the primary operating subsidiary of Atlanta, Georgia-based Graphic Packaging Holding Co., and is engaged in providing consumer packaging.

The company provides paper-based packaging solutions for a different product types including food, beverage, foodservice, and other consumer products.

Tarlton added: “We strive to deliver SIOC solutions that minimize packaging headaches, enhance brands and simplify e-commerce fulfilment. IntegraFlute does this with fiber-based, fully recyclable designs that meet the needs of a variety of categories.

“What’s more, IntegraFlute is engineered with right-sized cubic efficiency and zero tertiary packaging. Where we aim to truly elevate the consumer experience is in delivering sustainable, functional packages with more curb appeal than your average brown box.”