The new and expanded range is easily accessible through a single environmentally friendly web page


Image: Davpack has unveiled new range of environmentally friendly packaging supplies. Photo: courtesy of Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay.

Responding to increased environmental concern, and the need for businesses to reduce waste, replace their packaging, or re-use and recycle, Davpack have launched a collection of environmentally friendly packaging supplies.

The new and expanded range is easily accessible through a single environmentally friendly web page.

In addition to a dedicated page, Davpack feature environmental icons throughout their website, which help to inform their customers and enable them to make the appropriate choice of packaging for their business.

Davpack are highlighting where a product is fully degradable, recyclable, reusable or manufactured from fully or partially recycled material. This aims to make it easy for businesses to see how they can become more eco-friendly, whilst making considerable cost savings both in terms of storage space and the amount of packaging being used each time to dispatch goods.

Among Davpack’s eco-friendly range are packaging choices which can be re-used time and again, having a substantial benefit to both the customer and the environment. Re-using packaging minimises the amount of raw materials which are used in the manufacturing process, as well as making savings compared to packaging materials with a one-time use.

Several new packaging options are now also available, which are manufactured from sustainable materials which degrade easily, contributing to the reduction in plastic waste. Kraft Paper Tape which can be recycled with the box itself makes for a much more ecological and user-friendly alternative to traditional packaging tapes.

Additionally, 100% compostable materials such as potato starch are now being used to produce carrier bags, with a similar strength to LDPE films. Composting typically between 180-360 days, a minimum of 90% is converted into CO2, with the remaining material converting into biomass and water.

Davpack also offers solutions to reduce unnecessary void fill, and use less packaging material to ship items, which is designed to reduce strain on the environment – without compromising on product protection for the goods in transit.

Commenting on the new range, managing director, Barney Byfield, says, “The type of packaging used by companies is coming under ever more scrutiny, as consumer awareness of environmental impact increases and demand for more eco-friendly approaches rises.

“As a major online supplier of next-day packaging, we feel it is necessary to extend the choice available to companies of fully recyclable, reusable and newly available packaging solutions, which aim to offer environmentally better alternatives. We have supplemented this with our environmental icons, so our customers remain fully informed and able to make the right choice for their business.”

Source: Company Press Release