The PM 39 machine is capable of producing uncoated offset paper with a basis weight range of 50-100 g/m2


Sun Paper and Voith started up the XcelLine graphic paper machine PM 39. (Credit: Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA)

China’s Sun Paper, together with its partner Voith, has commissioned the XcelLine graphic paper machine PM 39 at its Yanzhou facility in Shandong province, China.

The PM 39 project, which was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, is equipped to release 450,000 tons per year. The machine represents Voith’s 10th production line operating at Sun Paper.

Sun Paper chairman Hongxin Li said: “Voith is customer-oriented and highly dedicated to the work involved. We are impressed by the high efficiency of Voith’s project execution. We are looking forward to greater achievements by working closely together.”

Voith stated that the new line has become the single production line operating at the highest capacity at Sun Paper.

Capable of operating at a speed of 1,800 m/min, the XcelLine graphic paper machine produces uncoated offset paper with a basis weight range of 50-100 g/m2.

Sun Paper graphic paper business line director Wenchun Wu said: “PM 39 is accelerating the shift in company structure optimization, and also supports in enriching product category and is bringing in higher efficiency and profit.

“Sun Paper and Voith are working closely, conquered many challenges, and realized the successful start-up, even ahead of schedule.”

Sun Paper currently operates Voith-supplied graphic paper machines PM 21, PM 24 and PM 29.

The investment in the PM 39 is a part of  Sun Paper’s efforts to further enhance competitiveness in the market.

Earlier this year, Sun Paper opted Valmet’s Valmet DNA automation systems for two paper machines PM 39 and PM 40.

The automation systems are expected to enable the two lines to increase production efficiency and optimise operation.