MS Packaging is a family-run business which primarily caters to the food and beverage sector through a paper mill and packaging factory along with a workforce of nearly 200 employees


MS Packaging acquired by Hinojosa Packaging Group. (Credit: Hinojosa Packaging Group)

Hinojosa Packaging Group has acquired Italy-based paper and corrugated cardboard packaging producer MS Packaging to expand its global presence.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

MS Packaging is a family-run business that mainly serves the food and beverage industry. The company has a paper mill and packaging factory and had earned €60m in revenue in 2023.

Its acquisition gives two plants in Salerno and Arzano to Hinojosa.

The deal also marks the company’s entry into Italy, which is considered to be one of the prominent markets for paper and cardboard in Europe.

MS Packaging’s workforce of nearly 200 people will retain their roles under the Spain-based Hinojosa.

According to Hinojosa, the company and MS Packaging share the same philosophy, which is based on innovation, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and closeness to the client.

Following the acquisition of MS Packaging, the company now employs nearly 2,900 people across 24 production facilities spread across Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy.

The deal aligns with the implentation of Hinojosa’s new 2024–2026 strategic plan.

It also signifies a new phase for the company, focusing on international expansion, enhancing its inventory of sustainable packaging, and proactively addressing market dynamics and customer demands.

The group’s global expansion was strengthened with the purchase of a 49% stake in France-based ASV Packaging in 2023.

ASV Packaging is engaged in designing and producing sustainable packaging solutions, mainly boxes for the food and beverage sector.

The deal with the French firm helped Hinojosa to increase its market share in France and enhance the goods and services it provides to its clients in Europe.

Hinojosa stated: “The presence of plants in France, along with those in Portugal and Spain, has led to a growth that has also resulted in a 10% increase in the workforce across its network of work centres.”

Last year, the Spanish packaging group introduced Foodservice, which is a new line of 100% recyclable and environmentally neutral primary packaging for beverages and prepared foods.