The fully recyclable SuperLift pails are designed to help gardeners to reduce and reuse the packaging


Superfos’ special SuperLift pail designed for Vitax. (Credit: Berry Global Inc.)

Berry Global company Superfos has provided fully recyclable SuperLift pail for UK gardening company Vitax.

The new container is made from 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

Vitax technical & quality manager Harvey Bird said that the company is making efforts to reduce the amount of new plastic to enter into the environment.

Bird added: “Our customers appreciate that we help to care for the environment – their garden – without impacting too much on the wider environment.

“We do this in several ways, and we want to help our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. This is where our packaging enters the picture.

“Superfos has greatly helped us here by developing and producing PCR pails for our slug deterrents and fertilisers. We now use a fully recyclable SuperLift pail from the Superfos PCR range and welcome that the pack contains 30% PCR.”

SuperLift container is suitable for garden products

The light-weight SuperLift container, which combining strength and durability, is ideal for a range of garden products. It also provides enhanced product protection for goods stored outside.

The Vitax’s 11.3L SuperLift PCR pail features in-mould labelling to offer high-quality graphics to maximise on-shelf impact.

In June this year, Superfos introduced a new non-carbon black masterbatch solution designed for food and non-food product applications.

The new sustainable solution has been designed for customers intend to use black plastic packaging for their food and non-food products.

The new solution also enables to easily sort packages for recycling purposes while helping in the significant improvement over conventional carbon-black plastic.