Roma International provides bottles, jars and closures for high-end cosmetics and personal care products


Berlin Packaging has acquired Roma International. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Hybrid packaging supplier Berlin Packaging has acquired UK-based Roma International to expand its portfolio of cosmetics and personal care packaging products.

Established in 1965, Roma International supplies bottles, jars and closures for high-end cosmetics and personal care products.

Roma International managing director Steve Excell said: “Becoming part of the Berlin Packaging group offers Roma International huge opportunities, and I know our employees, customers, and suppliers will all thrive as a result.”

Roma, which started as a supplier of nail polish bottles, expanded its offering to include containers and closures for perfumes, skincare, aromatherapy and other personal care products.

Roma offers a range of glass and plastic bottles and jars, and pumps, sprayers, caps, and other closures for its customers.

In addition, the company offers custom designs and advanced products for luxury brands and high-end customers.

The packaging supplier stated that the latest marks the company’s 12th acquisition in Europe since 2016. The deal also confirms Berlin Packaging’s commitment to providing packaging solutions in all segments of the market in Europe.

Berlin Packaging CEO and president Bill Hayes said: “Targeted acquisitions, like Roma International, ultimately help us to grow faster organically in Europe.

“We are excited to expand our capabilities in the cosmetics and personal care space and utilise Roma International’s capabilities in these verticals across our group.”

Last month, Berlin Packaging acquired French glass and metal packaging companies Sodis-Uhart and Audoubert. Both companies provide a range of glass and metal containers and packaging components.