The plastic football field was built at the Miami Edison High School, which has produced NFL stars Antonio Brown and Devonta Freeman


To make the pitch, Adidas collected plastic bottles from remote islands, shorelines and beaches (Credit: Twitter/@OfficialNews230/

German sportswear manufacturer Adidas has built an American football field from 1.8 million recycled plastic bottles.

The firm collected the waste from remote islands, shorelines and beaches, with the goal of preventing the plastic from making its way into the oceans.

The artificial pitch has been created for Miami Edison High School — which produced NFL stars Antonio Brown and Devonta Freeman.

Adidas director of football in North America Cameron Collins said: “We believe that through sport we have the power to change lives, and this field is a demonstration of our taking action on that belief.

“More than a place for these young athletes to play, it’s a reminder of our collective responsibility to end plastic waste.”


Sochi’s plastic football field

It’s not the first time plastic waste has been used to create a sports pitch.

In 2019, beer brand Budweiser created a football field made from recycled plastic cups from the FIFA World Cup.

The firm helped collect some of the 50,000 containers gathered throughout the tournament to make the turf at the Budweiser ReCup Arena.

AB InBev Efes — which owns Budweiser in Russia — director Konstantin Tamirov said at the time: “The FIFA World Cup is a celebration for millions of fans not only in Russia but around the world.

plastic football field
Beer brand Budweiser’s ReCup Arena (Credit: Budweiser)

“Throughout the tournament, Budweiser surprised fans with its activations, gave them euphoric emotions, so we decided to create a unique facility — the Budweiser ReCup Arena — specifically to extend this experience.

“Hopefully, this pitch will remind us of the past tournament and, probably, will help someone start a promising football career.”


Adidas aims to end plastic waste through innovation

Alongside unveiling the new American football field, Adidas has committed to recycling more than 50% of its polyester products.

It’s part of the company’s aim to “end plastic waste” through innovation and partnerships.

It intends to launch two new fabrics made from 100% recycled polyester— these being Primeblue and Primegreen.

plastic football field
Adidas will work with some its US sports partners, including Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League, to transition to more sustainable uniforms (Credit: Pixabay)

By 2024, Adidas has said it will have completely phased out the use of virgin plastics and polyester from its products.

It will also work with some of its US sports partners — including Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League — to transition to more sustainable uniforms.

The company says it will achieve its sustainability aims through a “three loop strategy”, which focuses its efforts on creating a range of sustainable product categories — such as making items from recycled materials and developing products that are designed to be remade.

Adidas vice president of brand strategy James Carnes said. “We believe that through sport we have the power to change lives, and we are dedicated to creating that change.

“Since 1998, we’ve been developing and introducing innovations to end plastic waste.

“Our commitment to eliminate the use of virgin polyester in our products by 2024 helps us get one step closer to being a more circular company.”