The new NSA700-476 kraft paper liner has been produced using around 70% recycled material

Release liner

VPF has launched new NSA700-476 kraft paper liner. (Credit: VPF GmbH & Co. KG)

VPF, a provider of self-adhesive materials, has introduced a new advanced release liner based on recycled paper.

The new NSA700-476 kraft paper liner is claimed to be the first release liner in the market, which is mostly made of recycled paper.

VPF has used approximately 70% of recycled material in the production of the new release liner.

The FSC-certified 70 g/m² kraft paper minimises the use of virgin fibres, as well as up to 60% of the energy and up to 70% of the water, said the company.

VPF kraft paper liner is said to have an improved carbon footprint and helps to reduce waste compared to conventional liners.

VPF stated that it has subjected the Kraftliner NSA700-476 to all the general tests and determined its long-term ageing resistance with all common dispersion acrylic and UV acrylic adhesives from the company’s portfolio.

The material is incorporated with a slightly increased release value for paper and film face materials.

VPF is offering the new sustainable, film-based and transparent R-PET liner with a thickness of 30µ.

With a 70% post-consumer waste content, the new liner is coated on one side with easy-release silicone.

VPF offers environmentally friendly face materials to improve the positive sustainability effect. The materials, including 100% recycled, grass and bagasse papers, can be used in a range of applications.

Last month, Mondi introduced a new EverLiner paper-based release liner range, which is developed using recycled and light-weight materials.