The companies will integrate their respective technologies to offer a high value-add solution to brand owners


VerifyMe and SmartGlyph will promote a combined product offering. (Credit: Thomas Breher from Pixabay)

Digital technology solutions provider VerifyMe and SmartGlyph have teamed up to integrate technologies and market digital security.

The collaboration will focus on the integration of the two firms’ respective technologies to offer a high value-add solution to brand owners.

VerifyMe CEO Patrick White said: “We believe SmartGlyph’s technology is a great fit and add-on for our suite of security authentication products.

“A closed source code is preferred for the prevention of digital virus penetration. This is particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry.  Once integrated, we believe our offering with SmartGlyph will represent a compelling feature-rich breakthrough solution.

“We expect that this partnership will enable us to broaden our reach into new territories, industries and customers and add meaningful revenue.”

VerifyMe, SmartGlyph to promote combined product offering

Additionally, the partnership includes a cross-selling agreement that allows VerifyMe and SmartGlyph to promote the combined product offering.

SmartGlyph global affiliates director Paul Greaves said: “We recognise the superiority of VerifyMe’s verification, authentication and anti-counterfeiting technology solutions and coupled with our current capabilities, believe our current customer base and prospects will see the enhanced value-add.”

VerifyMe noted that the integration of technologies is for an advanced protection and engagement ecosystem.

The combined offering will include VerifyMe’s global supply chain security and product authentication.

VerifyMe’s technology solutions are designed to prevent counterfeiting and diversion through instant verification and advanced cloud-based track and trace features.

SmartGlyph will provide bridging technology designed to enable two-way, interactive, better-media experiences for secure, incorruptible transactions and engagement in a closed-loop channel.

VerifyMe expects the partnership to increase business opportunities for both companies and add incremental revenue.

Last year, VerifyMe has formed a strategic partnership with INX International Ink to develop inkjet inks to be used for inkjet printing.