Brigl & Bergmeister will install two Valmet Paper Labs at its paper mills in Austria and Slovenia

Paper lab

The two Valmet Paper Labs will be installed at Brigl & Bergmeister’s mills in Austria and Slovenia. (Credit: Valmet)

Finnish pulp and paper firm Valmet has secured an order to provide two automated paper testing laboratories to Brigl & Bergmeister.

Brigl & Bergmeister will install two Valmet Paper Labs, which are automated board and paper testing laboratories, at its paper mills in Niklasdorf of Austria and Vevče of Slovenia.

Niklasdorf and Vevče mills are engaged in the production of speciality papers such as label papers and food packaging.

Valmet Paper Labs are said to provide precise and rapid measurement results, which are used to monitor and control the quality of the speciality papers manufactured by the two mills.

Valmet is planning to complete the delivery of both analysers during the fourth quarter of this year.

Brigl & Bergmeister technology head Eugen Habsburg-Lothringen said: “The Valmet Paper Lab will give us the opportunity to either increase the frequency of the standard quality measurements and on the other hand, to reduce the regular manual work in order to have more time for special quality measurements.”

Under the deal, Valmet will provide two size L Valmet Paper Labs, modular and scalable automated board and paper testing systems.

The systems hold the potential to measure all the significant quality properties of the end-product. In addition, Valmet will provide start-up and customer training.

Valmet automation sales manager Markku Merra said: “We have been collaborating with Brigl & Bergmeister for a long time and they already have our automation and quality control systems as well as analyzers and measurements in their mills.

“And now, the end-product quality measured by Valmet Paper Labs supplements our offering and is a good continuation of our cooperation.”

Brigl & Bergmeister is engaged in the production of sustainable and technical speciality papers for the beverage, food and consumer goods industries.

The company produces label papers and supplies paper for around 100 billion labels per annum o its globally active customers.

In January this year, Valmet agreed to deliver a new OptiConcept M containerboard making line to China-based Shanying Paper.