Designed for a range of powdered and other non-free-flowing materials, CHRONOS OMP-2090 B is the result of a collaboration announced by Bühler and Premier Tech in 2019


Premier Tech and Bühler launch the CHRONOS OMP-2090 B automatic bagging station. (Credit: Bühler)

Switzerland-based technology company Bühler and Canadian packaging equipment maker Premier Tech have introduced the fully automatic CHRONOS OMP-2090 B bagging station.

Designed for a variety of powdered and other non-free-flowing materials, CHRONOS OMP-2090 B is the result of a partnership announced by Bühler and Premier Tech in 2019.

According to Bühler, the bagging station achieves maximum productivity using its completely automated operation, bagging accuracy, and high levels of operational and product safety.

The powdery product system can handle a variety of bags, assure safety, and boost efficiency to meet the growing need for higher packaging capacities in mills.

Bühler digital sense business unit head Marco Chialina said: “The performance and reliability of the fully automatic bagging station CHRONOS OMP-2090 B lifts open mouth bag packaging to the next level.

“Operational safety and precision increase overall mill efficiency, maximize raw material yield, and ensure safe distribution of the valuable products of our customers and partners.”

The Swiss technology firm said that the novel bag opening mechanism of the CHRONOS OMP-2090 B ensures optimal efficiency and dependable performance. It incorporates dosing and weighing technology and intelligent controls that allow bagging accuracy of ±50g at 2σ.

Additionally, its durable bag handling technology yields maximum uptime and can process up to 900 bags per hour.

It also has a hygienic design and extensive safety features that don’t compromise the effectiveness of their operations, Bühler claimed.

Premier Tech systems and automation partner relations director Alexis Michaud said: “At Premier Tech, we leverage our decades of expertise to deliver high-performing, food-safe, and cost-effective automated packaging solutions.

“This dedication to quality and innovation ensures that businesses in emerging markets have access to the automation level they need to compete.”

The CHRONOS OMP-2090 B is now available in all markets except the US, Canada, and the member states of the European Union.

In July 2020, Bühler and Premier Tech expanded the partnership to a 50/50 joint venture.

The Wuxi, China-based joint venture’s objective is to use Premier Tech’s robotic palletising and packaging expertise to design and produce new packaging solutions for global food and feed markets.

In 2021, both partners launched the CHRONOS OML-1060 packaging solution.