Valmet to supply OptiFlo Foudrinier headboxes, OptiPress Linear press section, and OptiSizer Film size press with a supply system


Sri Andal seeks to produce enhanced quality containerboard. (Credit: Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay)

Finnish automation technology services provider Valmet has been selected to supply key board-making technologies to Sri Andal Paper Mills for its new containerboard making line in Tamil Nadu, India.

Under the contract, Valmet will be responsible for the supply of three OptiFlo Foudrinier headboxes, an OptiPress Linear press section to achieve improved end product properties and an OptiSizer Film size press with a supply system.

The scope of delivery also includes a start-up package of spare parts and consumables, Valmet IQ quality measurement system, a Valmet DNA machine control system and Valmet Performance Center connectivity.

With a design speed of 750 m/min, the 4,800mm-wide (reel) will have the capacity to produce recycled liner, recycled fluting, corrugated kraft (kraft top recycled liner) grades with the basis weight range of 70-300 g/m2. It will have an annual capacity of 200,000 tonnes.

Sri Andal managing director Subramaniam said: “It was vitally important for us that the management-level relationship with Valmet was very good. Valmet has a strong reputation, and we trust that Valmet’s technology will help us to reach our high-quality targets.”

Sri Andal seeks to enhance competitiveness

The deal is part of Sri Andal’s efforts to produce enhanced quality containerboard with tangible efficiency improvements in a bid to boost competitiveness in the market.

Valmet India region director Varun Jain said: “Valmet offered suitable solution for achieving Sri Andal’s targets. With this technologically advanced project, we are setting our footprint in the Indian containerboard segment.

“We are looking forward to the successful start-up of this project, which will be a game-changer in the containerboard segment.”

Valmet said that the machine is scheduled for commissioning in the first half of 2021.

Earlier this month, Valmet secured a contract to supply a coated board making line (PM 2) to Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) business unit Guangxi Jingui Pulp and Paper’s (GJPP) Qinzhou mill in China.