The Official TUMS Bag is Available on Amazon and – Hurry, Before They Sell Out!

Tums Bag

Nik Bentel x The TUMS Bag (Credit: Nik Bentel Studios)

At a time when foodie fashion – from pasta handbags to cheeseburger dresses, fried chicken footwear and beyond – has been making a delicious statement, TUMS, America’s #1 Antacid brand, is dipping into culinary couture to bring heartburn relief to food fans in a fashionable way. In partnership with New York artist and designer, Nik Bentel, TUMS has cooked up its first-ever limited edition bag accessory: The TUMS Bag.

The bag is a love letter to those who want to wear their foodie heart (quite literally) on their sleeves, blending the essence of TUMS’ ‘Love Food Back’ mantra with modern-day fashion in a way brand fans have never seen before.

The TUMS Bag is available for purchase beginning Friday, Dec. 8, on and Amazon for $200 while supplies last and will be spotted worn for the first time on the 2023 iHeart Radio Z100 Jingle Ball pre-event red carpet at Madison Square Garden that night.

Drawing inspiration from the TUMS Chewy Bites bottle, the top-selling antacid product in America and the fastest-growing format from the brand, Nik Bentel tapped into one of the season’s hottest trends to make the TUMS Bag: metallics. The TUMS Bag is a sleek chromed-finished, hard case bag lined with a quality blue suede interior and features a magnetic closure. A brightly colored metal enamel emblem of the TUMS Chewy Bites packaging design is featured on the front and back of the bag. For versatile styling, the bag includes two detachable strap options – a long, chromed leather strap for cross-body wear and a shorter metal chain for shoulder wear – for easy customization. Each purchase on Amazon includes an 8-count bottle of TUMS Chewy Bites and 54-count bottle of TUMS + Heartburn + Sleep Support, the latest heartburn relief innovation from the brand to help consumers love their favorite foods and fall asleep faster.

“Having created a few food-inspired handbags myself and seeing the increasing impact of food on fashion, it was a no-brainer to respond to the cultural phenomenon with a bag that would provide ‘relief’ to the culinary craze,” said Nik Bentel. “Crafting the TUMS Bag has been an artistic journey I am elated to have been a part of, and I’m excited to see how it becomes an essential companion for foodies and TUMS lovers alike.”

The TUMS Bag is a response to consumers’ positive sentiment for the brand and its ability to allow its fans to continue to love and enjoy their favorite foods – many of which have been seen in the world of fashion themselves. Fresh off the heels of launching the TUMS Shop this fall, the bag is the brand’s first dip into premium accessories.

“It’s time for those who crave both fashion and food to have an accessory that shows off their love for both. The creation of the limited edition TUMS Bag is unexpected, yet not surprising, given the genuine affection for foodie fashion,” said Amy Sharon, Brand Director at TUMS. “Our aspiration as a brand extends beyond being the preferred choice for fast heartburn relief; TUMS is a lifestyle and we encourage everyone to wholeheartedly embrace their love for food with TUMS by their side – and in this case, on their shoulder!”

Source: Company Press Release