To further spark positivity, Tic Tac also hosts "Share the refreshMINT" sweepstakes and debuts new Tic Tac Messenger with augmented reality experience


Tic Tac Launches New Limited-Edition Packaging Featuring Positive Messages to Inspire Consumers to Share Kindness and Connect with Others. (Credit: PRNewswire / Ferrero North America)

Tic Tac® is launching limited-edition packs featuring positive messages to inspire consumers to share kindness and connect with others.

The new packs feature 12 unique Tic Tac® sayings including: “Keep Your Day In Mint Condition,” “Orange You Glad We Have Each Other?,” “Up For An Adventure?” and many more on Freshmint, Orange, and Fruit Adventure flavors. The limited-edition packs are available on shelves now through April 2022.

“With this line of limited-edition packaging, we wanted to take our brand ethos of giving consumers the confidence they need to the next level by prompting them to share kindness and connect with others in a way that only Tic Tac® can,” said Neal Finkler, Senior Marketing Director, Tic Tac®. “We are looking forward to seeing all the refreshing moments our fans create with our playful new packs.”

To introduce the new packs to shelves, Tic Tac® is inviting consumers to enter the “Share the refreshMINT” sweepstakes to win some exciting prizes, including $10,000, a movie projector, swag, and so much more. To enter, consumers can purchase one of the limited-edition packs and capture the “mo-mint” by submitting a photo showcasing how Tic Tac® inspired a new moment of positivity, joy or connection, along with #RefreshmintSWEEPS on social.

Tic Tac® is also debuting Tic Tac® Messenger where consumers can send their very own unique messages to friends through an augmented reality experience. Consumers can visit for more details.

The Tic Tac® brand was launched in the U.S. in 1969 by the Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero and has been a leading mint brand for over 50 years.

Source: Company Press Release