Producto de Aldea opted Ardagh’s 250ml slim aluminium can as the new packaging option


Ardagh’s wine cans for Spain’s Producto de Aldea. (Credit: Ardagh Group S.A)

Spanish wine producer and exporter Producto de Aldea has selected Ardagh’s wine cans for its premium wine drinks and wines.

The Spanish firm has opted Ardagh’s 250ml slim aluminium can as the new packaging option to replace traditional glass bottles for the premium wines.

Producto de Aldea CEO and winemaker Manuel Gil said: “We were looking for a new packaging format to satisfy our customers’ diversifying tastes and habits.

“We also appreciate the great service and support Ardagh provides its customers, so committing to the Slim special can from Ardagh was the ideal solution.”

In an effort to extend market reach, Producto de Aldea also purchased a new filling line, which is capable of filling 1,600 cans per hour.

Producto de Aldea’s new filling line started operations in mid-July

After a short delay due to Covid-19 restrictions, the new filling line commenced operations in mid-July at its undisclosed facility.

Producto de Aldea plans to launch the two canned wine drinks including an organic white wine-based sangria, Chisposa (5.5% ABV), and an alcohol-free Aldea-branded sparkling white wine.

With labels currently under development, the products are planned to be launched in the coming months.

The Ardagh’s wine can is designed to preserve wine taste and quality throughout the filling, supply chain and storage lifespan. It also reduces the potential for larger formats wastage.

Ardagh Group European Metal Beverage business unit sales director Dirk Schwung said: “The Wine Can is our response to the demand for convenient, lightweight and sustainable packaging that also provides protection for sensitive beverages like wine, and we’re proud to see Producto de Aldea embrace it so fully.”

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