Comar has been supplying dropper assemblies for North American customers since 30 years


Dropper assemblies are used to dispense high-value products that can be viscous or fluid in consistency (Credit: Julian Low from Pixabay)

Premier plastic packaging solutions provider Comar has announced a major capacity expansion to meet the growing demand for its dropper assembly product line

Dropper assemblies will help dispense high-value products, which can be viscous or fluid in consistency and available in different configurations based on end-use and functional criteria such as bottle size and ingredients.

Component options comprise of pipette substrate (glass or plastic), length, diameter and tip shape, as well as bulb substrate (rubber or TPE), size, colour and features.

The options also include closure size, colour, CR Function and features, and other decorative features such as over shelled closure. Custom printing or a choice of stock dies and CE registration is the other options.

The packaging options include poly wrap, shrink wrap, or blister packed.

Comar CEO Mike Ruggieri said: “We’ve been challenged to keep up with the increase in demand but are very pleased to announce plans to increase capacity across all components via investments in additional injection moulding machines, glass pipette forming machines, and additional moulds and assembly equipment.

“Many of these investments will be completed in Q1 2020 and by 2021 we expect full implementation that will increase our capacity by up to 60%.”

Comar is working with component suppliers to maintain right-sized capacity

Comar is also working with component suppliers to maintain right-sized capacity and collaborative supply chain to shorten lead times, in addition to in-house capacity expansion.

Since 30 years, Comar has been supplying dropper assemblies for the customers in North America.

Dropper assemblies are mostly used for products in the medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage segments.

Comar sales and marketing EVP Scott Conklin said: “We are thankful for our customers resilience and patience while working with us through existing lead time challenges.

“Looking forward, we are confident that these investments will improve our service levels and offer enhanced flexibility to support the highly fragmented and complex nature of the product line while balancing extreme volatility in demand.”

In September 2018, Comar launched a new one-piece child resistant closure, SecureCap QuarterLoc, to help manufacturers meet sustainability goals and reduce manufacturing complexity.