The move supports Oatly’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility


Renewable ice cream board supports Oatly’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. (Credit: Evergreen Packaging LLC)

Plant-based packaging solutions provider Evergreen Packaging is helping Oatly Non-dairy Frozen Dessert expand its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing with Sentinel renewable ice cream board.

Through its packaging converting partner Stanpac Packaging, Oatly Frozen, which is made from oats instead of cow’s milk, has shifted to Evergreen’ Sentinel ice cream board.

Sentinel renewable ice cream board is an eco-friendly paper-based packaging made with an advanced renewable coating obtained from sugarcane.

Sugarcane-based polyethylene is used as coating in the Sentinel renewable ice cream board

Oatly US general manager Mike Messersmith said: “We were so glad to learn that Evergreen and Stanpac are committed to furthering their own sustainable offerings and that they came to Oatly as a partner to get those options into the world.”

Sentinel products are manufactured by using renewable resources and paper obtained from trees in forests that follow responsible forest practices.

Sugarcane-based polyethylene has been used as coating on the renewable ice cream board that makes the board fully renewable as both the paper and the coating are made from the sources that can be regenerated.

Evergreen Packaging said that the renewable ice cream board provides converting performance, strength and print quality.

Evergreen Packaging paperboard sales and marketing vice president Chris Johns said: “Oatly’s switch reinforces what we are hearing in the marketplace that the use of renewable materials is a value that is central to many brands.

“We believe it is not a trend, but the early stages of a total change in the marketplace for responsible companies.”

Sentinel ice cream board products are designed to be used in a range of food service and retail food grade packaging applications with variable shelf life needs, as well as ice cream with its specific controlled environment requirements.

Coconut Bliss, a plant-based and dairy-free ice cream producer, was the first customer to use the Sentinel fully renewable ice cream board, which was introduced in March last year.