Plant-based packaging solutions provider Evergreen Packaging has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of new Sentinel fully renewable ice cream board.

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Image: Evergreen Packaging has introduced Sentinel renewable ice cream board. Photo: courtesy of Deva Williamson / Unsplash.

Coconut Bliss, a plant-based and dairy-free ice cream producer, is the first customer to select Sentinel board for its products.

Sentinel ice cream board is claimed to be the first of its kind eco-friendly paper-based packaging made with an advanced renewable coating derived from sugarcane.

According to Evergreen Packaging, the combination of its Sentinel and Coconut Bliss is the first use of plant-based bio resin polyethylene pint cup ice cream packaging.

Sentinel products are produced by using renewable resources and paper derived from trees from forests that follow responsible forest practices.

Coconut Bliss president Kim Gibson Clark said: “As a USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified company, Coconut Bliss is always looking for ways to limit its environmental footprint.”

Sentinel paper and paperboard products have been developed for use in a variety of food service and retail food grade packaging applications with varying shelf life requirements.

Evergreen Packaging paperboard sales and marketing vice president Chris Johns said: “We know that the use of renewable materials is a value that is central to many of our customers’ brands, and we believe this is the first of many companies who will extend that value by purchasing paperboard such as Sentinel for packaging that is fully renewable and responsibly sourced.

“We are happy to have the opportunity to work with our customer, Stanpac, and Coconut Bliss on this important launch.”

Evergreen Packaging is a major producer of fiber-based packaging solutions, and is one of the significant players in supplying liquid packaging board to the customers.

The company also produces PlantCarto packages, which use up to 80% less plastic by weight compared to comparable plastic packages.

Evergreen holds three different forestry certifications, to ensure that the soils, water, wildlife, and endangered species, special areas, social rights and biodiversity are all protected along with providing continual forests for the coming generations.