Advantage StretchWrap is said to be a completely recyclable kraft paper wrapping solution that can replace plastic stretch film and ensure a more efficient logistics operations


Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap solution. (Credit: Mondi)

Packaging and paper company Mondi has supplied its Advantage StretchWrap solution to paper bag manufacturer Sentrex for pallet wrapping.

Advantage StretchWrap is said to be a paper wrapping solution that can replace plastic stretch film and ensure more efficient logistics operations.

It is a completely recyclable kraft paper made from ethically sourced components.

Mondi said the solution can stretch and resist punctures, making it suitable to replace the plastic stretch film that is often used for pallet wrapping and transportation.

According to a peer-reviewed independent life cycle study, Advantage StretchWrap emits 62% less greenhouse gas (GHG) than virgin plastic stretch film and 49% less GHG than plastic film manufactured with 50% recycled content.

Mondi speciality kraft and functional paper business development manager Jan Murzyn said: “This change means that Sentrex can wrap their products in more sustainable packaging, work towards a more circular system and make a positive contribution to the environment.

“Additionally, the packaging sequence is more efficient due to the possibility of wrapping the pallet immediately after production, without the need for seasoning the paper bags.”

The paper solution and the use of EW Technology’s fully automated machinery have enabled the paper bag maker to boost wrapping productivity.

According to the paper and packaging firm, the Advantage StretchWrap is breathable and can wrap and pack products immediately in an in-line process following paper bag production.

Compared to plastic wrapping, which requires a new reel every 40-60 pallets, the paper wrapping solution requires a new reel every 400-600 pallets due to its larger dimensions.

In addition, it can wrap pallets of various sizes and shapes to fill the space between the pallet and the product and maintain good stability and safety during transit.

Sentrex technical director Michał Nogielski said: “The teamwork between ourselves, Mondi and EW Technology meant that the whole adaptation process was swift, and the new wrapping machines and reels are running so successfully that we are delighted to recommend this to our own customers, for instance for pallet wrapping dry food products such as flour and sugar.”