The new packaging and the sleeve for the Nakuna Helsinki’s new perfume series is made using MetsäBoard Natural FBB 270 g/m2 folding boxboard


New packaging for Nakuna Helsinki is made of lightweight and durable paperboard. (Credit: Metsä Group)

Fresh fibre paperboards producer Metsä Board has developed new perfume packaging for Finnish luxury fragrance brand Nakuna Helsinki’s new perfume series.

Nakuna Helsinki has worked in collaboration with flavour and fragrances company Givaudan to create five new scents.

The scents are claimed to reflect northern Finnish experiences, such as a chilling dip in the open water and mid-summer magic.

Nakuna Helsinki design and marketing creative director Jaakko Veijola said: “Fragrance is a luxury product, with long-lasting and carefully thought-out ingredients. We wanted to extend the same sustainable thinking to our packaging, so we chose our paperboard and packaging solutions accordingly.”

New non-plastic perfume packaging is fully recyclable

Metsä Board said it has developed the new non-plastic and glueless packaging that is fully recyclable.

Said to feature thoughtful and detailed packaging components, the packaging is made of lightweight and durable paperboard.

The firm noted that the luxurious naturalness surface of the packaging allows for demanding printing solutions as well as special effects such as gold foil.

While the MetsäBoard Natural FBB 270 g/m2 folding boxboard is used for the packaging and the sleeve, the packaging’s inner structure is made of lightweight and microflute made of MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright white kraftliner.

Finnish Cadpack has manufactured the packaging for Nakuna Helsinki’s new perfumes.

Recently, Metsä Board said it has designed a new Arctic Blue Gin package with holographic Northern Lights flare for Finland-based spirit company Arctic Brands Group.

The package was made using MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright lightweight folding boxboard.