The firm will offer its PERFECT FIT dry cat food, CATISFACTIONS and WHISKAS care & treats for bulk purchase in Carrefour Montesson hypermarket, France to minimise single-use plastic-packaging


Pet food production – Mars Petcare Site in Birstall, UK. (Credit: Mars, Incorporated and its Affiliates)

Mars Petcare’s division Mars Pet Nutrition has joined the French retail firm Carrefour’s pilot test-and-learn bulk initiative in the Montesson hypermarket, France to minimise single-use plastic packaging and advance the circular economy in Europe.

Under the trial, Mars will offer PERFECT FIT dry cat food, CATISFACTIONS and WHISKAS care & treats in bulk to drive system change.

The move is part of Mars’ ambition to convert 100% of its packaging to reusable, recyclable or compostable. Mars intends to offer pet parents more sustainable options that use fewer plastics.

The collaboration is also a part of a larger industry collaboration plan, France’s National Pact on Plastic Packaging, to promote a circular economy.

Carrefour Montesson hypermarket is now stocking large quantities of Mars Pet Nutrition’s PERFECT FIT dry cat food, CATISFACTIONS, and WHISKAS care & treats.

The food manufacturer said that consumers are given reusable or single-use containers for subsequent pet food refills, and QR codes on refill dispensers to retrieve the product information.

Bulk purchases allow for less packaging waste and offer a chance to purchase the exact quantity needed, Mars claimed.

Mars Pet Nutrition Europe regional president Deri Watkins said: “Packaging waste is a global problem and does not align with Mars’ vision for a world where the planet is healthy.

“That’s why we continue to take action to support a circular economy, for a world where packaging materials do not become waste, but ultimately are reused, recycled, or composted.

“Moving forward, we will continue to transform our business in ways that help protect our environment and care for people and pets by engaging with our trade partners and using our influence to drive change at scale.”

Mars Pet Nutrition said it has saved 480 tonnes of plastic per year across new packaging solutions in Europe by redesigning its SHEBA, WHISKAS, PERFECT FIT and CATSAN brands.

The plastic flow wraps in SHEBA and PERFECT FIT Mini Pouches were replaced by recyclable paper sleeves and WHISKAS dry food plastic bags have been replaced with carton boxes.