Label House Group, a supplier of label and packaging solutions, has invested in Rotoflex VLI-800 inspection, slitting and rewind system to expand ultrathin film finishing capabilities.


Image: Officials from Label House among others. Photo: courtesy of Mark Andy Inc.

The Rotoflex VLI-800 system has been designed for finishing ultrathin (10 microns) point of purchase (POP) pouches and flexible packaging.

Earlier, Label House had purchased and commissioned three machines from Rotoflex featuring offline label finishing technology.

Label House Group technical manager Gharish Maharaj said that the firm selected Rotoflex for the development of a customised, wider-web version of the VLI to meet the needs for film finishing applications on thin material.

Maharaj noted: “For label finishing, Rotoflex is a reliable brand backed with years of in-house engineering expertise, which is why I entrusted them to meet our challenging design needs for film finishing.

“With such challenging applications, the Rotoflex team worked with us to fine-tune the machine to our requirements. Thanks also to superior after-sales support from Jaipal Thind, service manager at Rotoflex, our VLI 800 has run non-stop since with impressive speed up to 1,000 feet per minute.”

Offering simplified operator control and comfort, the VLI-800 machine can be configured to meet a full range of inspection rewinding requirements, including matrix and missing label detection, variable data printing, multi-lane counting, clear-on-clear label count, among others.

Rotoflex operations vice-president Manohar Dhugga said: “This customized machine is just one example of our advanced technology developments and expertise in thin film material.

“We are open to working with label printers and converters in designing bespoke label finishing machines to accommodate unique production needs.”

Rotoflex said that the wider-web Rotoflex VLI-800 series is designed to addresses the finishing demands of film packaging, labels, unsupported film, tension-sensitive materials and various specialty substrates.

The Rotoflex VLI system features expanded capabilities for more advanced applications and high-speed production. The machine can be configured to meet a full range of applications and substrates.

Label House Group is engaged in supplying label and packaging solutions within the Caribbean and South American region.