Koch Modular will build the phase II commercial recycled polypropylene facility in Ironton


Koch Modular secures construction contract for plastics recycling facility in US. (Credit: Business Wire)

Koch Modular Process Systems has secured a design and construction contract from PureCycle Technologies for a plastics recycling facility in the US.

Under the deal, Koch Modular will construct the phase II commercial recycled polypropylene facility in Ironton, Ohio.

Production capacity of Ironton facility

The Ironton facility has been designed to produce more than 105 million pounds of ultra-pure recycled polypropylene (UPRP) per annum.

Koch Modular president George Schlowsky said: “We are excited to be part of this project, a truly disruptive technology that directly addresses the global plastics issue.”

The facility features an advanced recycling process, which can remove colour, odour and other contaminants from recycled feedstock resulting in virgin-like polypropylene.

Koch Modular and PureCycle have been working together for more than three years on the development of advanced recycling technology.

The partnership had designed and constructed the predecessor phase I feedstock evaluation unit, which started producing UPRP last year.

The scope of the deal includes a complete raw-material-in-finished-product-out process system. The facility will be modularly constructed in a controlled indoor environment and will be transported to the plant site via road.

The plastics recycling facility is expected to be operational in 2022.

In October this year, PureCycle Technologies completed a $250m bond raising for the construction of its plastic recycling facility at Ironton

PureCycle CEO Mike Otworth said: “Making polypropylene a valued, recyclable material is particularly relevant during the current health crisis when it is ever more critical to avoid waste polypropylene washing up on our shores.

“Koch Modular’s guidance, professionalism and end-to-end expertise in innovative technologies scale-ups like this one, plus their modular construction approach, was a critical success factor for our project.”