The new paper bubble dispenser box is suitable for the protection of expensive items such as ceramics and glass


Kite Packaging has introduced new paper bubble dispenser box. (Credit: Devanath from Pixabay)

UK-based Kite Packaging has expanded its environmental product range with the introduction of a new paper bubble dispenser box.

Featuring paper bubble in a portable dispenser box, the new 100% recyclable compact solution is suitable for pick, pack and despatch areas.

The company has produced the new easy-to-use dispenser box by using biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Kite’s new paper bubble dispenser box can be used by the companies for the protection of delicate goods.

The dispenser box is more apt for small and medium-sized operations

The paper bubble dispenser box, ideal for filling and cushioning, can be used to protect expensive items such as ceramics, glass, and others.

According to the company, the new dispenser box can be used by small and medium-sized operations such as e-commerce.

The new paper bubble dispenser box provides flexibility to easily move around to different locations. Its serrated edge allows to simply and efficiently tearing the paper.

In July, Kite Packaging expanded its thermal packaging range with the addition of standard insulated box liners.

The new thermal packaging solutions are suitable to ship goods from one place to another place in a temperature-controlled environment at cost-effective prices.

Kite Packaging offers different packaging solutions, including boxes and cardboard boxes, pallet wrap and stretch film, bubble wrap, polythene and paper bags, polythene rolls and tubing, postal packaging and others.