The KHS Group is expanding its Bottles & Shapes program and is now also offering its consulting expertise in container development and optimization for cans and glass bottles.


Image: KHS expands Bottles & Shapes consulting program to include bottles and cans. Photo: Courtesy of KHS GmbH.

Customers have already benefited to date from decades of know-how gained by the PET bottle specialists. System provider KHS supports customers at an early stage starting from the idea up to market maturity, thus ensuring planning reliability and a smooth process of synchronizing the new product with the existing line.

KHS also continues to assume responsibility for sustainable actions: besides making optimal use of raw materials, additional energy-saving measures also reduce the consumption of resources for bottlers.

The design of the glass bottles and cans should be oriented to the product and target group, the containers should be easy to handle, cost-efficient, sustainable and as easy and reliable as possible to process on the line: the requirements in the development of containers are initially numerous and often vague.

This is exactly where this service comes into play with the consulting expertise from KHS.

KHS head of Bottles & Shapes Armin Wille said: “When a bottler approaches us with a request to develop a new or improve an existing container, we have the overall process in mind right from the start. As a system provider, KHS focuses on rapid and individually coordinated project planning and implementation.

Wille said: “We do this by discussing ideas with our customers, giving advice on individual design and, at the same time, identifying the efficiency potential throughout the entire line.

“Even in this first step, the high requirements for aesthetics and uniqueness of the containers is taken into account and are optimally combined with technical functionality in the best possible way.” KHS relies on digital 3D animation to develop containers with Bottles & Shapes.

“This enables us to make an initial assessment of the bottle shape and then systematically optimize it.”

Production of precisely fitting format part

Together with global partners, the experts carry out detailed technical evaluations in advance and check whether the cans or glass bottles can be filled without difficulty on customer machines. The new format parts are then produced to exactly fit the existing lines. By quickly assembling the corresponding format parts and the corresponding customization conversions on the system, KHS ensures that new products can be launched smoothly. Bottling plants are thus able to profit from high production reliability.

“Our turnkey system offers comprehensive project management extending from receipt of the order to commissioning,” explains Wille.

After completion of the technical clarification, machinery and systems manufacturer KHS implements the format conversions for filling cans, glass and PET bottles in the line within a maximum period of only eight weeks.

Through integrated planning with the help of Bottles & Shapes, KHS makes it possible to seamlessly launch new products to the market and ensure a reliable time to market and at the same time focus on material and energy savings by developing lightweight cans and glass bottles. Bottlers profit from reduced costs once the production launch is successfully completed.

Source: Company Press Release