Eclipse range now includes 11 containers that can be used for products such as red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and desserts

aluminium foil

i2r Packaging has expanded Eclipse aluminium foil container range. (Credit: i2r Packaging Solutions Limited)

i2r Packaging Solutions has expanded its Eclipse aluminium foil container range with the introduction of two new profiles.

Eclipse range includes black and gold lacquered aluminium foil containers suitable for the premium ready meal sector.

With the addition of new profiles, the Eclipse range now includes 11 containers with various dimensions and different portion sizes.

Eclipse containers are said to complement quality ready to cook convenience products such as red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and desserts.

Eclipse aluminium foil container range is 100% recyclable

Designed to offer better sturdiness, the range provides multiple benefits such as enhanced corrosion resistance against certain food types with a pH level outside the range 4-9.

It also helps to prevent food from sticking to the container during cooking. A smooth rim can be lidded with film to create a leak-proof pack for the extension of shelf life.

Eclipse containers, which are 100% recyclable, include a clear recycling logo as a call-to-action that makes the consumer not to dispose of the container and recycle wherever possible.

i2r Packaging Solutions international sales head Alan Taylor said: “It’s great to see Eclipse doing so well, particularly in the US where sales are currently strong.

“The two extra profiles help increase the depth of this luxury range, but we would be more than happy to create a bespoke product if a specific size is required – we’ll even emboss the product with a particular logo if required.”

Recently, i2r also announced an investment to install new process lines and tooling for the expansion of its wrinklewall range. The new process lines will help increase the company’s product range by a further 20%.

In February 2019, i2r Packaging Solutions unveiled an aluminium smoothwall product for the food packaging industry.

i2r, part of the Italian Laminazione Sottile Group, produces a range of wrinklewall and smoothwall semi-rigid aluminium foil containers for the food industry.